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As a teenager, Terence left Dagenham, Essex and departed for New York City.  A big change.  Landing in Brooklyn’s Erasmus Hall High School, bypassing classes and watching friends break-dance.  Somewhere within there an artiste was awakened.

Terence started out as an Electrical Engineering major at The City College of New York studying Calculus, Physics, Chemistry and Economics.   They were all numbers and shapes. There was no music to be had from it.  He was not stimulated.  Still, he didn’t know exactly where his future lay. It wasn’t until he took Humanities that he began to delve into the arts.  This sparked new interests, new conversations. He began meeting new people and talking about things that actually held some meaning to him.  The seed was planted.

Finding himself being drawn to helping others, he combined this quality with his love for the humanities and emerged from college with a degree in English Literature as a secondary education teacher.

Starting out as a New York City Public School teacher in The Bronx, Terence felt he had much to offer and give to children and society.  Here he met many wonderful people who helped to shape him further.

The fire was fuelled and the desire to act was put in motion.

Remaining in teaching until 1998, he spent the following two years studying acting at Uta Hagen’s HB Studios and The Henry Street Settlement in New York City with Jose Garcia.  The latter culminating in a performance of Nicholassa Mohr’s Zoriada in which he played Casto.

Something was missing.  Wanting to return home to England, and at the same time explore the rawness of his newly found career, he arrived in London in March 2000. Terence then continued studying by attending Ecole de Mime Corporel Dramatique with Corrine Soum and Steven Wasson.

Terence has been acting now for over ten years.  Taking roles such as Jean the imprisoned young Black man with a secret in Bonnie Greer’s World War II play Jitterbug; the prize fighting Eddie in John La Manchuria’s The Wild Party; Aide Williams in One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest as well as Ivan & Johnson in Benjamin Zephaniah’s De Botty Business.

Terence has developed a true flavour for acting and the arts approaching each project with an energy and fervour that brings a new life to each.

Film appearances include: Reykjavik Whale Watching Massacre with The Texas Chainsaw Massacre’s Gunnar Hansen, Bigga Than Ben with Prince Caspian’s Ben Barnes, Rulers & Dealers with Doctor Who’s Freema Agyeman, Capital Punishment with London’s Burning Sam Callis.  Television appearances include the pilot One More Bridge, ITV’s The Bill and Rose & Maloney and BBC’s Gil Mayo Mysteries with Alistair McGowan.

In addition to acting, Terence has made his directorial debut in Rayna Campbell’s play From The Pit of My Stomach as well as co-directing Deman and Olaudah.  Directing has given Terence a new outlook and understanding of what the actor actually goes through in processing a role.